My Little Astral Bookstore

Last night, I managed to make more progress towards getting my ass into the astral than I have in 11 years. *dances*

I realized that I was going about it all wrong. The first time I had an OBE, I was six and it was an accident. Ever since then, I’d been trying to recreate it in the same way. All the books I’d read on the subject all gave the same method for leaving your body, which I had tried so many times to do, but found myself stuck. I always thought it was just a matter of me not doing it right, but I’ve finally come to realize that it was actually a matter of it being the wrong technique for my stubborn body. XD

Last night, I laid down for bed, and instead of focusing on my spiritual body where it was in my bed, I began to feel myself on the garden path to the gate that leads to a town I’ve been to before in my dreams. It was really difficult for me to see, and my vision was clouded and dark, so instead I focused on feeling and hearing what was around me, while seeing what I could remember most vividly from past travels.

I found my way to a book store I’d been directed to a long time ago when I first encountered the Wiccan Goddess in middle school. I can still remember certain parts very vividly, to the point that I drew a part of the store. As I knelt down to feel and smell the books, I actually noticed Loki in the same store, to my surprise, and I followed Him out of the store. My memory of the exact sequence of events here gets blurry, but He ended up trying to help me get better signal clarity, so to speak, and come over more fully. He took my hand and held it to His face, so I could focus on how He felt. He spoke to me, so I could latch onto His voice (and GODS ALMIGHTY do I love that voice~) I even combed my fingers through His hair, trying to get a feel for that. But sight wasn’t happening. I tried my hardest, but it’s always been the psychic sense I’ve lacked the most.

I had to wonder how strange we looked to others. Especially considering I briefly messed around with shapeshifting, but that’s another story. XD In the end, I had exhausted myself trying and told Him I would come back for the night and try again later. He kissed me and I brought myself back, opening my eyes and not sleeping for another hour, to my great annoyance.

But it was really interesting to me. It took me so long to realize I could do it that way.

Huh. Neat. :B