I’m In a Bit of a Bind

Okay okay I know I disappeared for a while and wasn’t very good at keeping up with the otherkin blogging. I’ll get back to that, I promise. XD I just…things have been rough here. My mother (who I am unfortunately still financially dependent upon) is essentially saying “oh sorry I don’t have any money to help you pay rent or go to college or buy new clothes that you desperately need” when I suspect she’s spending a lot of that on selfish things like expensive cars and booze. To be fair, some goes to taking care of my grandfather, but there are definitely areas of spending where she could cut back. And she’s never really raised me the way a mother should anyway.

Yeah I’m bitter. In case you couldn’t tell.

But anywhore, it’s got me really freaking out about my job search because if I don’t pay rent on Sept 1st, I have to go back to living with the aforementioned mother and feeling suicidal 24/7 again.

So if anyone could help me out by donating to my Paypal or purchasing tarot/stichomancy readings from me (all that nifty info can be found here and the donate button is on the top left corner of my blog) I would greatly appreciate it.

I should be able to afford to stay another month, but I’m really pushing it here with money and even if I can pay rent, I have no money for a haircut (which I desperately need), new clothes (which I haven’t bought in three or four years at LEAST), or college textbooks (thanks so much for helping me with the FAFSA, mom! Telling me not to do it and refusing to help me is DEFINITELY the way to prepare your child for college!) and those are all kind of important.

So if anyone can spare a few dollars in donations or by requesting readings, I’d really appreciate it. 😦 Thanks.