About the Blogger: I go by Rook, and Im a nonbinary person (they/them pronouns), therian/fictionkin, and very eclectic pagan with an ever-deepening love for Loki and His family. I’ve been a pagan (of many different flavours) since 2006, and was raised (willingly for two years, forced for the other five) as a Catholic for seven years. I live in the United States, and am an artist, writer, crafter, costumer, and dancer.

About My Path: 

First and foremost, I’m a godspouse and devotee of Loki. I married Him in January of 2014, and while I struggle to maintain a practice of devotion due to my many disabilities, He is always my Husband and my god. When I first entered the Tumblr pagan community, it was as a Lokean.

Another part of my practice comes from Pop Culture Paganism. I don’t have a set path within it, but there are beings I reach out to and work with on occasion. Delirium of the Endless was someone I worked with briefly and would like to work with again.

I also consider myself a witch, but honestly my witchcraft is separate from my religious practices. I’m a very practical witch, and I often use pop culture magick to get shit done™. I’m not shy about curses, either, but tbh I’m also a chronically ill witch so it’s rare that I get the motivation/spoons to actually cast spells.

Besides these major points of my practice, I dabble around and kind of go where I’m called. I’m a free-wandering baby spirit worker and devotional polytheist. Have godphone will travel.

I also wear head coverings as part of my personal spiritual practice, and have some taboos that go along with wearing them that are in place to make sure I practice self-care and feel my best. I’ve found that covering my hair has become a form of psychic protection, and it’s also had the benefit of reducing intrusive thoughts for me.

I’ve got a loaded grab-bag of disabilities, mental and physical, and they affect my practice a lot, either by adding a dimension to my beliefs, warping my ability to hear the gods correctly, or by draining me of all energy or motivation to BE spiritual at all. I’ll probably blog about being autistic/BPD/paranoid/multiple/physdisabled more than once on this blog.

Since it’s something that affects me in the pagan community and in community discourse, I’ll mention that in addition to being nonbinary, I’m grey-asexual, polyromantic, quoiromantic, and objectum-sexual. (The objectum-sexuality ties in with my being an animist.)

And if you caught the blog description, you’ll see I describe myself as nonhuman. I’m very much aware of the human meat-sack I inhabit, but I honestly see no part of myself other than my body as human. I’ve wandered the therian and otherkin communities for 7 years and they’ve fed into my practice in the past. I tend to explain it with a combination of spiritual and psycho/neurological possibilities, but my state of nonhumanity, whether its origin is spiritual, psychological, or neurological, is part of being pagan for me.

I think that covers most of what you’ll find talked about on my blog.

About the Blog: This blog is mainly a space for me to post personal essays and writings about my path and spiritual practices. I haven’t picked up this blog for a long time, so hopefully I can come back and make good use of this space.

Disclaimer: This blog contains heavy UPG, so YMMV. Take everything with a small Siberian salt mine.


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