Otherkin Blogging Day 5–Identity: Doubts

Awwwww shit.

Of course I have doubts. I’ve always had doubts.

Especially because I’m dumb and insecure and know that Loki knows more about me than I do sometimes and would probably know if I was for realz a wolf in some past life or if I’m actually a shapeshifter or some nonsense. And I worry that He’s like “Nah son, you’re just some human dude. Get your head outta tha clouds.”

But I back up my awkward spiritual doubts with the idea that even if it’s not something I am spiritually, then I have this identification for some psychological reason. For whatever reasons, be it my being raised around canines and picking up their behaviors or maybe identifying the way that I do gives me some sort of comfort after years of abuse, these identities are here and have never left. And I hold them as dear to me and deeply personal. I have enough proof for myself that my identities are real in some way. And that’s all that really matters.


One thought on “Otherkin Blogging Day 5–Identity: Doubts

  1. <– Phoenix.

    Familiar. ALL TOO familiar. I have the eyes. I have the energy (friend of mine says even the slightest touch is like a Louisville Slugger to the back of the knees). I have the ridiculous psychological regenerative capability.

    Does that mean I'm a phoenix? Does that mean I WAS a phoenix? Considering the Phoenix in mythology, there's little to no indication that the Phoenix was ever actually more than just an archetype. As an archetype, it's much easier to understand and accept – especially considering the lack of evidence there ever was an actual Phoenix bird. When it comes to archetypes, both psychology and spirituality play a huge role in how we identify, I think.

    Yeah, Loki's probably right. You've got a human soul. THIS TIME. Doesn't mean you don't have an affinity with wolves, or still carry basic instincts that are in line with that of a wolf. Your soul here, and now, is human – but the wolf does deserve to be honored as a part of what makes you, YOU.

    (Just my thoughts ;))

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