Otherkin Blogging Day 4–Identity: Other aspects of your identity (in addition to/besides your otherkin identity)

Besides being therian/kin, I’ve got a lot of other really important aspects to my identity. So, I’ll list them all and go more in-depth as needed. Hold on tight!

I’m transgender (FTM), pagan, an artist and poet, a costumer, goth (like the 80’s new wave sort), polyamorous, and kinky. I’m the little boy to my partner, dom, and Daddy, who goes by Scar. I’m one of Loki’s spouses. I’m a psychology student. I’m an aspiring author. I’m a gamer, a Trekkie (seen most of TOS, all of TNG, all of DS9, some of Voyageur, and all the movies at LEAST once. I also met William Shatner and got Brent Spiner’s autograph), and a frequenter of conventions.

I’m lots of things. XD


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