My Adventures in Pop Culture Magick and Paganism

I’ve been slowly testing the waters of pop culture witchcraft and paganism for the past month and a half, and the more I read and look into it, the more I realize that none of it is new. While it’s become very popular (haha) recently, I think it’s funny that people either attack it or hop on the train like it’s a brand new idea, when things like the worship of pop culture icons and “drawing down Elvis” have been tossed around as ideas for a while in the Chaos magick scene. The way I see it, PC magick is simply a less esoteric form of Chaos magick with more accessible faces.

But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t kick ass. Because it really does, in my opinion. Especially because it’s essentially a less esoteric kind of chaos magick. That shit was WAY over my head, if I’m being totally honest here. I’m not able to sit through pages and pages of intricate writings on magick theory and sigils and thoughtforms. It’s, to be frank, dry as sun-bleached bones to me. And likely to a lot of others. And that was all I could find on the subject when I looked into it so long ago. Which, I suppose, is why this re-packaged version of it has arrived.

Now, Im not saying that people are blind to it’s origins in chaos magick. I’m sure many people are aware. I’m just remarking on how amusing it is that something so popular and controversial in the 80s has come back to be equally as popular and controversial. Haha.

That said, I’m definitely getting into the idea. I’m still iffy on some things, like how part of me is cautious about MCU!Loki, because I know people who work with Him. Where the other part of me is NOPE-ing SO HARD at the idea of having two Lokis. One is enough trouble, thank you very much. I love Him to pieces but I do NOT need more. Even the idea of Him appearing to me as Marvel!Loki is squicky, because I don’t like to combine the two. But, on the other hand, I’ve strongly considered setting up altar space for Death and Delirium of the Endless. Both are beings who I feel drawn to and have a great respect for. And I would absolutely honor and work with Them.

Even more pop culture-based than that, I’ve considered setting up a Bloodstone Circle and a working altar space for Cecil Palmer. I’ve seen enough ooky stuff happen with Nightvale magick that I’d go for it.

Pop culture paganism and witchcraft are all kinds of weird and brain-hurty sometimes–not any NEW kind of weird and brain-hurty, mind you–but they’re things that I think are absolutely worthwhile and a great way to enhance one’s practice, if it speaks to you.

That’s ramble-y my two cents.


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