New Beginnings

Hello. If you’re here, its likely you came from Tumblr, where I got tired of the bullshit and drama. If not, then you’re also welcome.

A little about me: Im a young FtM fellow who has been pagan since about 2006. I hopped around from Wicca to eclectic paganism to…gods know where for years, until I finally approached Loki (who I’d had something akin to a schoolgirl crush on for a while) and set my feet slowly and clumsily along a more Heathen path. Now I consider myself….something. Im sort of recon-derived…and also eclectic…and…other things. Honestly, I care less about how others tell me to worship and far more about how my gods tell me to worship. If Loki wants me to hold a fancy blot for Him, I will. If He wants me to worship Him by eating nothing but PBJ sandwiches for a week, then I will. *shrugs* That’s how it goes.

Im also a beloved of Loki’s (and eventually a godspouse, though that hasn’t happened yet). I tend to be quiet about it, but here is the one place I think I’ll end up talking about it a little more. Because it is important to me, and the blog title is derived from something I have to tell myself often: that “Beloved” is an unconditional title. No matter how I feel about myself, or how I mess up, or in what ways I manage to make myself looks stupid, I know He still loves me.

And that’s what keeps me going, most days.

Welcome to my blog, friend. Enjoy, and know that YMMV.


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