Im Slow, and Loki is a Smooth Bastard

Details of what occurred around 2am Christmas morning.

So, here I was, sitting alone at around 2am and suddenly I feel Loki behind me, all snuggly and warm like He gets. ❤ It was lovely, and I enjoyed having Him around me. We chatted for a while, I think, before something interesting happened.

He asked me “Do you want to get married?”

I was speechless.

I mean, I’d known I was going to go down that road for a while. But…I was really confused because He’d previously said He was waiting until I was happier. So I was like “Wait. You mean right now? general? What? WHAT?? :o” It was wayyy too late for my brain to process it. But I eventually did give Him the answer “Of course I want to marry you. Just…tell me when.”

It wasn’t until I asked my friend Scarlet for a reading that I realized what had actually happened. She said He had seen all the pain and frustration I was experiencing as a result of my delayed transition, and wanted me to stop worrying so much and to live life and enjoy it more, and that our relationship was going to change soon.

This all fit together to mean I was going to be happier. And then it hit me.

The smooth bastard proposed to me on Christmas morning.

And I accepted. And I totally regret nothing.


4 thoughts on “Im Slow, and Loki is a Smooth Bastard

    • Well, it was already known that He had two wives in lore–Angrboda and Sigyn. (Though some say He was more Angrboda’s consort, but that’s neither here nor there)
      He’s also got quite a few human spouses. It doesn’t mean He loves any of us any less, it just means He has a lot of love to give. *hug*

      • That really makes me feel a lot less awkward about the touchy feelies. He occasionally does things that remind me of “being a girlfriend” and then I stop and think, “no, there’s nothing that makes me that kind of special, I’m just making mountains out of molehills”

      • I know exactly how you feel. After He kissed me for the first time…a few days later, I couldn’t get the idea of godspouse out of my head. But I refused to even let myself acknowledge it because I didn’t feel like I was anywhere even remotely in the neighborhood of worthy of that.
        Turns out I was way wrong. XD

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